Bangladesh, "Fake Democracy, failure of Rule of Law and totalitarian drifts".

    Authors: Nordine Drici / Frédéric Oberson
    Planète Réfugiés - Droits de l'Homme | 152 pages | Publication: 7th of January 2019

    Synopsis of the book:
    As Parliamentary elections were held on 30 December 2018, in a atmosphere of acute political violence, the incumbent government paved the way towards a shrinking space targeting the Bangladeshi civil society and fundamental rights, while institutions such as the Parliament, the National Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman play a clear symbolic role in terms of protection of individual and collective liberties. Facing totalitarianism, whistleblowers such as journalists, bloggers and lawyers are striving to publicly voice dissent.

    The book written by Mr. Nordine Drici deciphers emblematic indicators of this totalitarian drift that is putting the reality of Rule of Law and the marginalised communities, in particular minorities (be they religious, ethnic or sexual) at high risk.

    This book could be released thanks to the support of the Paris Bar Association Solidarity Fund, the ACAT Foundation for Human Dignity and the Regional Council of Normandy.

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